The Extended Play extends his reach to Sunnyslope

extendedRemember that hoary old joke? “What’s the last thing a drummer says before he gets kicked out of the band?”Hey guys… check out this song I wrote!”

Well Frank Hanyak never submitted any songs when he was timekeeper for Serene Dominic and the Semi-Detached and later The Beat Angels, maybe he was just biding his time, writing songs until he felt comfortable enough to hide behind a group name and present his emotional palette. An exodus from Phoenix  to Fayetteville, NY at the turn of the century was followed by a long woodshedding period recording songs at home..

“The Extended Play is me,’ says Hanyak. “I write everything and pretty much play/record everything. I do have friends play on certain songs and my good bud Leo McClusky is considered a member. He worked a lot with me when I lived in Connecticut (he lives in Jersey), but since I’ve been back in New York it’s me, myself and I for the most part.”

epPreviously, on the Onus Records imprint Ca-Ho-Nus, The Extended Play debuted with a song called “The Measure.” Then we issued the confusing Extended Play EP (retitled The Extended Play Dual Play to assuage easily puzzled) that paired “The Measure” with “Just for Two.”

“Pure melodic bliss! This artist is on the rise and bringing the lush of thick melody back to the beat of the bang!”— Zack Harding, New York Underground

Lest you might think  this latest track “Serenity” might be a dig at his old bandleader, Hanyak counters, saying, “The song is about someone who ripped me off. Sold some snare drums on me for cocaine. I don’t want his name used…but you can relay the scenario if you like. It’s about cutting him and others like him from my life and as a result finding serenity. That recording is all me except for the solo parts throughout the song which is played by my long time bud Mike Tarolli.”

Hanyak has another batch he’s getting ready to put the finishing touches on recorded and mixed at his home studio.. “It’s around 7-10 songs in various states of “almost done” phases. So I hope to be putting more online in the next 4-6 months.”

The Extended Play remains very much  a recording-only project but Hanyak also plays drums in a country band called Grits N Grace

Although he hasn’t set foot in Sunnyslope in, like, forever, he is an honorary Sloper to Onus Records CEO Tommy Globbit. “I don’t understand half the shit EP,a I like to call him, sings about. Hell, I thought ‘The Measure’ was about a shot glass and who’s to say I’m wrong? He is quite a soulful warbler, kinda like Elliot Smith meets, I don’t know,  Paul Simon’s barber. I’d love him to cut something here in AZ but I’m happy to have EP be our lone Fayetteville representation.”

To download  or stream “Serenity” and “The Extended Dual Play”  as well as other great free music, visit

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