Live Worldwide Streaming of the Onus Records Press Conference Wed Jan. 14 at The Rhythm Room starts at 7:30 PM MST

10626232_10205697606422405_9196750690112449543_oThis just in, for friends of Onus Records in far-flung parts of the world-and all ships at seas – Onus Records is STREAMING THE ENTIRE PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE ON THE WEB! Just click on this link at 7:30 PM Mountain Standard Time and you will see a direct feed of the entire press conference at the world-famous Rhythm Room in Phoenix which will feature No Volcano, Serene Dominic, Wes and the Westdales, Eric VanAusdal, Donna Fortunata and Maurice Hardaway  of The Braille Building. There will be no need to log in or download anything,. It will be like turning on a TV channel. Onus Records CEO will also be on hand to answer questions and recreate his handshake agreement with No Volcano and present them will a large check which they will be unable to cash at any sized bank. Be a part of history – this is a once in a lifetime experience. Nothing like this has happened in the history of Sunnyslope since a big letter S appeared on a mountain and people thought aliens did it!

Performing after the press conference will be Serene Dominic and the GemSeekers, The Bittersweet Way, The Breakup Society and Man From Bland.

There is no cover charge so come with your questions even if you are not a member of the press or even own a library card. Doors open at 7 PM. Free Onus promotional swag for the first 100 people who come through the door.

Onus Records’ 2015 Year at a Glance

westdalesJanuary 3, 2015 – The release of the first “Single of the Weekend” by Wes and the Westdales.  Preston Geiger, the money-minded member of the group, unhappy about the label’s non-profit status, worked in a blatant product placement reference in order to monetize the group’s maiden effort.

January 4, 2015  – launched!

January 6, 2015  An in-depth interview with Onus C.E.S.P. (Creative Embedded Song Producer) Serene Dominic on Song River’s CowGirlZen blog reveals an interesting tidbit about where Onus Records’ CEO Tommy Globbit got the money for the company:
“Serene Dominic: Tommy set up the label when he got some money from an insurance settlement. He got t-boned against the side of a building by a car that bounded onto the sidewalk. It’s amazing he can still use his right arm. There’s another lawsuit pending from the accident, I probably shouldn’t talk about, but I heard Tommy and the driver are going to join forces and sue the makers of the erectile dysfunction pill the driver was taking, which he’s claiming kicked in 48 hours too late and caused him to step on the gas.”

beatang January 7, 2015 – Heritage Hump series launched with the Beat Angels’ “She Shoots Starlight”  in tandem with the blog launch on Phoenix New Times. For a defunct band, the response was through the roof and 100 Beat Angels fans downloaded the first Heritage Hump single on the first day. Even producer Gilby Clarke downloaded a copy. Remember next Wednesday, January 14, a new Heritage Hump single and blog will go up and this neat little curio will be Internet vapor.

tributeJanuary 9, 2015 – The second “Single of the Weekend” – No Volcano’s “Tribute” is posted.

January 9, 2015 – The first copies of No Volcano’s “Who Saved the Party” become available at Stinkweeds Records.

January 14 – In addition to the next Heritage Hump single, there is the Onus Records Press Conference and Label Launch at the Rhythm RoomNo Volcano will be there to answer questions and take part in the official Onus Handshaking Ceremony with Onus CEO Tommy Globbit. Serene Dominic will officiate the Q&A conference. which will also feature other Onus acts  Donna Fortunata, Wes and the Westdales and Eric VanAusdal.


onus 45 SLEEVE2







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