Single of the Weekend moved to Monday morning!


Maurice Hardaway of The Braille Building performing “I’ve Known Her to Be That Way” at the Onus Records Launch Party and Press Conference on January 14, 2015,

A surprising majority of the people who voted in our “What day should Single of the Weekend come out?” poll thought that Monday morning was the time such amusement was gravely needed, after the weekend prior has just receded. Said Onus CEO Tommy Globbit, “This way you have it the whole week and just as the weekend ends , a new Single of the Weekend can take its place. When you are creating something of temporary value, you gitta take these things into consideration.”

It is for this reason that this week’s scheduled Single of the Weekend (“I’ve Known Her to Be That Way” by The Braille Building) will be only slightly delayed. This is also partly due to an accident that occured when Braille Building’s blind singer Maurice Hardaway slipped on a Triscuit that was carelessly left on the foot of the stage at Wednesday Night’s otherwise successful Onus Records Press Conference and Launch Party. Hardaway appeared solo with some vocal assistance from Serene Dominic and premiered the song to a warm and loving reception before falling flat on his sunglasses.

Some minor vocal overdubs on the recording were ordered by the Onus Quality Control Board for imminent Friday release but Hardaway, who sustained an index finger injury in  the fall, would not be able to read his perforated lead sheets properly until Sunday at the very earliest.

Also making her debut as an Onus Recording Artist was Donna Fortunata, who performed her upcoming “Single of the Weekend” entitled “What’s One More Soul 2 the Devil?” She was joined onstage by her over-protective brother Sulley, who reportedly roughed up a reporter from Nearby News he thought was getting too nearby to Donna. There is no truth to the story that he then made said writer swallow the contents of his fountain pen. At least we hope not.

If you do not agree that moving the “Single of the Weekend” to Monday is a good idea, please vote in our still ongoing poll. And by all means, download and stream the music already available for weekend listening on our page, including this week’s Heritage Hump single by The Pistoleros and previous tracks by No Volcano, Beat Angels, Wes and the Westdales and Serene Dominic.



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