Onus Records mounts “We Want Your Email” campaign in an attempt to anti-social network with you!

Photo by M.V. Cornelius

Photo by M.V. Cornelius

Hot off the heels of its successful label launch blowout and the release party for No Volcano’s “Who Saved the Party” CD, Onus Records CEO Tommy Globbit announced plans to mount a new campaign, one designed to ween the label off its dependency on social media sites (especially the one with the initials FB) to help spread the word about The World’s First Non-Profit Record Label ™ and its steady stream of quality controlled releases, which in the past few weeks have included Singles of the Weekend by No Volcano, Scorpio vs Tarantula, Serene Dominic & the GemSeekers and The Braille Building plus Heritage Hump singles by Haggis, Trunk Federation, The Pistoleros and The Beat Angels.

“Basically, Facebook is trying to shake us and our followers down for our lunch money,” Globbit complained. “We invited all these wonderful people, OUR PERSONAL FRIENDS, to our party and now they are crashing it and trying to sell them life insurance.”

This week's Single of the Weekend by The Egregious Brothers & Sister Hill.

This week’s Single of the Weekend by The Egregious Brothers & Sister Hill.

Whereas Globbit claimed to have developed an algorithm designed to beat Facebook’s algorithm at its own game, he ruminates. “it’s only a matter of time before their greed in trying to monetize their social network will eclipse our mission statement to bring free music to our fans and friends.” Globbit’s latest idea that everyone who sees an Onus post leaves an “I have seen this message” comment, seems to be working, is a temporary fix at best.

So in order for you to receive weekly reports of all the music and events coming out of Sunnyslope (the future musical capital of the world), we are starting a “We Want Your Email” campaign. If you have downloaded a Single of the Weekend in the last few weeks, you would have already left an email address but for those of you who enjoy streaming our ever expanding catalog, joining our “anti-social network” campaign ensures that when you are ready to bolt Facebook or any other social network platform you’re on to insure you are always up-to-date.

If you wish to receive our weekly “Onus Records Monday Morning Hollaback” newsletter, send a private email to onusrecords@gmail.com

And it goes without saying, we will not use your email for any other reason except to bring you the finest in Sunnyslope soul like this week’s Single of the Weekend by The Egregious Brothers and Sister Hill entitled “You Can Love a Song. And believe you me, these guys and gal can sing a rainbow!

In other news, No Volcano is already said to be working on a second record. The foursome debuted three brand new songs at the February 7th CD release party at The Pressroom: “Handsome Lover,” “Summer Home” and “Death in a Dream.”

This week’s scheduled Heritage Hump single is Sugar High and a song from their 2008 album Let the Sunshine Out. I can say no more.