The Sunnyslope Strings release controversial….instrumental?

Possibly the most inoffensive act on Onus Records has to be The Sunnyslope Strings, the label’s version of post millennium muzak, or as label honcho Tommy Globbit likes to look at it, “MFSB meets Mantovani.” Their most recent release, posted on the label’s site is “Three Minute Vacation,” a condensed travelogue of  tropical and urban sounds that lasts at precisely three minutes. No controversy there. Nobody making waves, as it were.

But apparently some logophobics (people with an abnormal fear or dislike of  words or letterheads) who have developed a fear of the Screen Gems closing  logo, other wise knows as “The S From Hell”) claim that The Sunnyslope Strings and producer Don Glasser have conspired to stir up unrest by sampling the mid 1960’s ID music  on the fade of the tag of the new song, a fact that is driven home by the letter “S” appearing on the “Three Minute Vacation” cyber sleeve.sunnyslope 2“Anyone who has spent any time in Sunnyslope knows “S” Mountain. It’s Sunnyslope Mountain. And we’re The Sunnyslope  Strings. That’s what the S is for. There’s no satanic re-purposing of that letter or any sampling from Screen Gems going on,” insists Glasser, who admits feeling anxiety after seeing the Screen Gems logo but only attributes it to “I Dream of Jeannie” reruns being over.

Glasser is also adamant that there is no sampling at all on any Sunnyslope Strings tracks but one reed player in the group who has since been let go spilled the beans before Glasser tried could buy his silence with a Hot Pockets Cheeseburger With Crispy Buttery Seasoned Crust, for those of you who collect that sort of information.

“Look, we didn’t record an ocean in the studio. Don ripped that off of a Relaxings Sounds of the Sea CD his analyst makes him listen to for calming purposes,” the unnamed sideman said. “There’s samples all over this latest track. He even had bits of the Seinfeld theme buried underneath the rhythm section before taking it out completely.All part of his Wall of Sound but it’s more like his Shag Carpet of Sound if you ask me. Lots of stuff you don’t  below the surface that you don’t notice until it hurts you. But that’s no French horn at the end of ‘Three Minute Vacation.’. It’s the Screen Gems theme. Clear as day.”

We ask you to check out the song for yourself at and compare it with the track below.

The rarely seen faces of Shark Cage 6

When Tommy Globbit set out to realize his dream of establishing a Hitsville USA here in Sunnyslope, AZ with Onus Records, it was imperative that he find a house band the likes of Motown’s Funk Brothers, which was not easy to do in 1962, let alone 2014. And it was especially challenging to find that kind of talent in Sunnyslope, AZ, most would have you think!

“A lot of people think this neighborhood doesn’t have any soul, but these musicians have plenty of heart and guts so they’re operating in the same general area,” says Globbit who still repeats the story he’s told since the beginning that he found these eager musicians in waiting outside of a Home Depot looking for some work putting up drywall.

“I figured what would be the harm in asking if they played instruments too,” he laughs. “And Lordy, some of ’em did.”

He dubbed them the Shark Cage 6 because of  the tiny house addition with barred up windows out in Globbit’s yard that the musicians are confined in whenevber they are laying down rhythm tracks for the label.  Since enlisting the band, they have played on tracks by Serene Dominic, Adrian Evans, Jono Manson, The Gladhanders, Joobs, Sara Griffin, Zack Philips, The Discretions and Donna Fortunata, to name just a few.

Because Globbit has kept their identities under wraps for fear that another local label might snap them up, rumors that the Shark Cage 6 are illegals has continued to swell.

“They’re  all legal. They just need the work,” is all Globbit will say on the matter, although at one point he did let it slip that the drummer’s name is Raul. Which might not mean anything.


Which one’s Raul? The Shark Cage 6 or a black metal band from Helsinki? You decide!

In order to tamp down the interest, with the release of this week’s “Single of the Weekend” by Shark Cage 6 (“Rumble in West Patagonia”),  Onus Records released a nondescript photo of the Shark Cage 6 on  a stairwell, but some people have already pointed out that the photo is of a black metal from Helsinki called  God Gave Up. Onus quickly back pedaled on issuing the pic and said it was a mislabeled photo of Ark of Gold, a Sunnyslope hard rock outfit that released a previous Single of the Weekend on Onus called “I Don’t Like You, Mister” and  a biography would be forthcoming. Nothing has been heard since.


Could you fit these six talented people and a Roland Fantom 67 into the shark cage? Opinions differ.

A more plausible scenario is that the group is actually a wedding band out of Chandler called Sound Buffet that combines catering and entertainment into one unbeatable event hosting package. Before starting the business, the  band’s website listed Sound Buffet as having done studio work with some of the aforementioned Onus artists but since starting their new company, the band’s website has been scrubbed clean of any mention of them or  Maricopa County for that matter.

We reached out to Dale Lowery, the founder of Sound Buffet and got a terse e-mail back that said, “No and if you print that you will hear for my lawyers. We’re doing great business in our first year and you’re gonna ruin it trying to link us with some run-down podunk Sunnyslope label.”

More on this story as it devolves…

Shark Cage 6  Discography


“Here”  by Shark Cage 6,  released April 2016  as ONUS 1615

“Rumble in West Patagonia” by Shark Cage 6, released June 2016 as Onus 1619


Shark Cage 6  For Others – A Selected Discography

“I’m Heart Wired” by The Discretions released April 2016 as Onus 1614

“Theme From The Rectifiers” by Serene Dominic & Joobs released January 2016 as Onus 1602

“It Is What It Is” by Sara Griffin, released November 2015

“There’s No Us Without U” by Jono Manson, released May 2015

Greenhaven releases its masterwork The Great Sonoran before vanishing to points unknown

 The Great Sonoran: he end of the line and brand new fare!

The Great Sonoran: The end of the line and brand new fare!

Why would a band toil for three years perfecting its masterwork only to let it stand as the group’s last will and testament? Although any member of the Phoenix based band Greenhaven would probably punch you severely for even including them in the same sentence as the great masters, but for lack of a better universal it’s a head-scratcher along the lines of Michelangelo deciding he was done with painting after the Sistine Chapel and decided he wanted to be a discuss thrower from now on. Or Tesla saying “to hell with people stealing my patents, I only got into inventing for the women!” 
Greenhaven came to the attention of most people with their last full-length release “The Last Powerful Second.” After a flurry of critical praise (“I am entirely unsure why these cats aren’t giants already.” – Classic Rock Magazine, “I’m on my fourth listen today.” – Martin Popoff, BWBK, “Greenhaven don’t fuck around. KKKK”- Kerrang! ) the boys set to work in their weirdo-gone-hero tradition. 
In addition to a cavalcade of epic Arizona performances, the boys sharpened their swordplay during barnstorming tours of the Western US (“Hello Hempfest!”) and Western Europe (“Wie Gehts ShoDfest!?”). In 2011, the limited edition EP “In Memory of Bull Angus,” delivered a collection of remixes and unreleased tracks from promotional productions by entities such as Classic Rock Magazine, FOX Sports, and the Sportsman Channel’s action packed tactical shooting show 3-Gun Nation, which is in its sixth season with “Waterloo” as its theme. “The Great Sonoran” is Greenhaven’s fourth and final release. 
greenhaven tray
The reasons for Greenhaven packing it in range from the uninteresting to the ridiculous, most of the weirder accounts originating from within the Greenhaven inner circle.
Bassist Uncle Dave’s sudden exodus from Phoenix gave weight to a rumor that he turned federal informant on a local illegal Russian fur trafficking ring and is now assuming a new identity as a forester somewhere in the Great Northwest. And even though this story has been refuted, it has incensed Greenhaven lead singer Matt Strangwayes who was secretly studying to be a forester and now feels his idea was stolen. Combine that with drummer Bill Schumann’s plans to build several one hole golf courses across the state and Jay Hofer’s ambition to be a lifelong student have resulted in a great band with a lot on its plate besides music.
Others wonder what the album’s cryptic final message delivered by EVGB, the band’s Hopi/Pima pal was all about. Nobody, from the band to EVGB to longtime business advisor Dave “Stimey” Steinman, is talking. In Hopi or otherwise.
What is indisputable is how larger than life the characters in these songs are, from the titular hero bidding you “vayo con dios,” the gung-ho foot soldier of “1944!,” the tireless husky dog sledder of “Gateway to the Yukon,” the dude who may have an X-ray you’d like to see in “”Throckmorton Express,” the compulsive risk taker in “Broke, Battered and Better Than Ever” and the “In Memory of Bull Angus” protagonist who’s part wounded warrior, part George Jefferson.” You’ll stand toe to toe with all these hardened heroes and you’ll be all the better for it!
The album, a joint release from the band’s own Humble Records and Onus Records, is available on ITunes now.

Serene Dominic new album: follow its progress here!

Dark Lullaby 2

Onus Records invites you to follow along all during the month of February as Serene Dominic writes a brand new album from scratch  in 29 days for the RPM Challenge, the seventh time he’s undertaken this arduous task. It’s called “Dark Lullaby” and it will comprise the score for his next musical of the same name. The very first RPM Challenge he did in 2010 resulted in “Unnatural Blonde,” which became the music for his first musical, “A Swimming in the Head” which will be performed once again on April 2& 3 at the Firehouse Gallery in Phoenix, AZ.

“Dark Lullaby” is loosely based on one of Serene’s favorite noir films, a 1945 movie called Detour starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage. Although the book to the musical hasn’t been fully written, these are the prospective songs he hopes to work in to move the story along.

So far Serene has six songs near completed plus two songs from his back catalog he’s adding but as per the rules of the RPM Challenge, he must come up with 10 new songs. One song, “All That Gorgeous Going to Waste” is already uploaded as the next Single of the Weekend.

serenedominic‘s player:

“Swimming In The Head” musical premieres December 5 & 6 at The Firehouse Gallery

Onus Records has released a Deluxe Soundtrack album

swimming poster0n December 5 & 6, 2015, The Firehouse Gallery in downtown Phoenix will present the new height challenged musical comedy “Swimming in the Head,” with a book and a musical score by Serene Dominic and direction by Sheri Amour and Ting Ting, the same team that brought Phoenix audiences “Rocky Horror at the Firehouse” this past spring.

The score that formed the bedrock of the show derives from a 2010 Serene Dominic album called “Unnatural Blonde” which was a song cycle written to match the 1957 Alfred Hitchcock movie classic “Vertigo” song for scene. “It was probably my favorite movie so I thought why not get a “Dark Side of the Wizard of Oz” thing going?  The idea of doing it as a musical came two years later, mostly because I had no desire to watch the actual movie without the original Bernard Hermann score. By then this had morphed into someting a bit different. The book has dialogue from the movie script in places but it’s a lot siller. I mean, how are you going to convey a fear of heights on a stage 14 inches above the ground?”

That’s just one of the many challenges directors Amour and Ting face in staging this suspense and music  production. Says Amour, “I hadn’t seen it in many years when I was approached about doing it, but I was very intrigued to see what Dominic had done with it. We have a lot of work to do in getting the set designed, and most importantly, having our cast perfecting the songs and scenes. We have a talented and charismatic cast and a very resourceful stage crew. This is going to be something very special.”

“My excitement for the production itself has grown with some of the liberties we’re taking, with our casting choices, and with the spin Serene Dominic has put on the classic film. I’m nutty for musicals and Hitchcock, so this was a natural interest for me and I think everyone is going to enjoy their experience both nights. We have some interactive segments so there is a strong possibility of seeing a different show either night. I am rearing to raise the dead alongside Sheri and hope to turn out the Firehouse  once more.”

The cast album will feature vocal contributions from Joe Sawinski, Sara Griffin, Margo Brookover, Joobs and Serene Dominic, who will act in the show as well serve as musical director. Marcella Grassa and Jill Louise are the two narrators of the show so  having two women retelling the story gives it a radically different spin, so to speak.

“Much of the drama and suspense needed in the show  is built into the musical score,” says Dominic. “I think the real theme of the songs and the show isn’t the murder or agrophobia angle but the question of whether man and a women can go back into the past and somehow fix it, change the outcome of a doomed love affair. Who can’t identify with that?”

The ‘Swimming in the Head’ Deluxe Edition Album is available for digital download from Onus Records and contains the entire Serene Dominic “Unnatural Blonde” album from which the show was based plus six new cast recordings. Onus has also made several tracks from the show available for free download through its popular  Single of the Weekend series. This week the song on release will be “It Is What It Is” which is performed by the show’s female lead, Sara Griffin. Physical CDs will be available at the show’s Merch Boothand from the Onus Bandcamp website.

Onus Records’ Single of the Weekend Discography

a1229475585_16a3765888930_16Before the official launch of Onus Records on January 1, 2015, the label name and logo were first seen the digital booklet for the Serene Dominic album “For Your Extreme Convenience,” released on the Serene Dominic Bandcamp page on September 5, 2014.
Prior to this Onus released two Serene Dominic digital singles, each coupled with a non-album b-side. These tracks were floated as teasers for the upcoming Single of the Weekend series.

Aug 9.  Serene Dominic – “The Office Lovers” c/w “It Only Hurts When I Love”
Sept 1.  Serene Dominic – “Filibuster” c​/​w “Wearing Out My Welcome”

Single of the Weekend releases

ROW1Jan 1. Wes and the Westdales – Tightening your Grip On Me
Jan 8. No Volcano – “Tribute”
Jan 18. The Braille Building – “I’ve Known Her To Be That Way”
Jan 26. Serene Domnic & the GemSeekers – “My Secret Life”
Jan 29. Scorpion vs. Tarantula – “George Brazil (Jingle of the Weekend)”ROW 2Feb 2. No Volcano – “Who Saved the Party”
Feb 9 – The Egregious Brothers & Sister Hill – ” You Can Love a Song”
Feb 14 – Serene Domnic & the GemSeekers – “It Only Hurts When I Love”
Feb 15 – The Extended Play – “The Measure” ( Ca Ho-Nus Label Launch)
Feb 16 – Eric Van Ausdal – “Square Pegs”ROW 3Feb 23. Carol Pacey & the HoneyShakers – ” Epic Love Fail”
March 2 – Serene Dominic –
“C’mon Do the Hesitation”
March 9 – letdowntright – “Raise the Light” & “You Should Travel”
March 16- Harrison Huffman – “Sarsaparilla Lillian”

March 16 – D3PTHS – “All I Have is Music”
March 23. Types – “The Shing”
March 30. The Jones Affair –
“The Cat is in the Bag”
April 6. The Lonesome Wilderness – “Wasted”
April 13. Serene Dominic – “Primitive Man (I Ask You)”

ROW 6April 20. Dutch Holly – “Hey”
April 27. Eric VanAusdal – “Bones”
May 5. No Volcano – “Out of the Moment”
May 11.  Jono Manson – “There’s No Us WIthout U”
May 18. The Lonesome Wilderness – “Tropicana”

May 26. The Gladhanders – “Never Shoulda Left”
June 1. Morbos- “Ginger Come Running”
June 8. Donna Fortunata – “What’s One More Soul To the Devil”
June 15. Cait Brennan – “Johnny Johnny Law”
June 22. Serene Dominic – “Kiss Her Daddy, Mommy’s Far Away”

June 29. The Bittersweet Way – “Infatuated”
July 4. Eric Van Ausdal – “Waiting on American Girls”
July 13. Felony Daniels – “The Last Man On Earth”
July 20. Ttypes – “Haunt All Your Mansions”
July 27. The Sunnyslope Strings featuring Serene Dominic – “General Time Horizon”

ROW 9August 3. letdownright –
“Sensitive to Light”
August 10. Soft Deadlines -” Death of You”
August 17. The Discretions – “Why I Don’t Deserve You”
August 24. The Breakup Society – “All the Integrity Money Could Buy”
August 31. Serene Dominic – “Everyone is Looking at Their Phones”

row-10ASeptember 7.  Field Tripp – “Nothing is As Fun”
September 14.  Banana Gun – “Don’t Gimme No”
September 21.  No Volcano
– “The Long Game”
September 28. Adrian Evans – “Anti-Stress Zen Garden”
October 5. The Sunnyslope Strings – “You’ll Never Let Me Go”


October 12.  M.B.E. (Mutant Beat Expo) – “Detour”
October 19.  Banana Gun – “Disconnect Your Heart”
October 26. Serene Dominic 
– “Crazed Shape Shifter”
November 2. Mill’s End  – “Keith’s Junk”
November 9. No Volcano – “The Historian”


November 16.  Bob Woodruff – “All That Love Has Worn Away”
November 22.  Sara Griffin – “It Is What It Is”
November 30. Serene Dominic 
– “Swimming in My Head”
December 7. Joobs – “Poseidon’s Lament (Dream ALong with Me”
December 21. Serene Dominic – “Drop of a Hat”

The Onus CD of the Month Club launching on July 4!

onus cd club

That’s right, if you are old enough to remember the Columbia, BMG and Capitol Record Clubs of yesteryear, you will thrill to the fact that Onus Records want to bring back all the good parts of that experience (getting a lot of CDs for dirt cheap, hearing new music, waiting by the mailbox) while eliminating the bad parts of that experience (mailing in cards, getting things in the mail you didn’t order, someone sending a US Marshall to your house to collect that $36.89 you owe for that triple-set Right Said Fred In Concert album boxed set you didn’t order.

“I used to love joining these clubs and getting a bunch of albums all at once,” says Tommy Globbit, CEO of Onus Records who admitted he did on occasion abuse his club memberships and in one case of stoned reverie, ordered ten copies of Pearl Jam’s “Ten” by mistake.

Download the Onus CD of the Month Club circular by clicking here!

Artists who have donated their music range from Onus’ own No Volcano, Serene Dominic and The Lonesome Wilderness, D3PTHS and the Bittersweet Way to Scorpion vs Tarantula, Field Tripp, Dogbreth, Bob Woodruff (ironically the only title here that was actually featured in a Columbia Record Club in 1995), Brian Chartrand, Drunk N Horny, The Breakup Society, Soft Deadlines, Carol Pacey and the Honeyshakers and many others yet to be added. Local Phoenix labels like Related Records, Sunset Alliance, 56th Street Records and AZPX Records have joined in to make some of their titles available for people who want to give them a try.

Here’s how it works:

1. You select one CD from this circular (download enclosed PDF) that you want to pay $10 list price for.

2. You name that CD your selection of the month in 25 words or less and that artist or band will get the ten dollars.

3. We give you 4 more CDs of your choice for free , but note that each CD carries a $2 shipping cost. So you;re really still getting 5 CDs for $20.Without the US Marshall coming to your door

4. You paste the questions in the circular and your responses in an email and send it to

5. You make a one-time payment of $20 to

6. Then wait by the mailbox for up to 3 weeks and 5 compact discs in clackety jewel cases will arrive at your front door. Thrill to the convenience and pristine sound this platinum discs will provide you!

“We hope that this in a small way will expose people to new music while simultaneously help save the compact disc from hipster extinction and give the postal service something else to do,” says Globbit.

“There’s a choice we’re making,” the head of a non-profit record label imparts. “We’re saving our own lives. For reals!”

Download the Onus CD of the Month Club circular by clicking here!

The Lonesome Wilderness signs with Onus Records, releases 5-song EP


a2210138404_2Joining an elite roster that already includes No Volcano, Serene Dominic, Types and The Braille Building plus alt-country rockers Carole Pacey and the Honey Shakers (on the Ca-Ho-Nus imprint) and Ryan Breen’s D3PTHS (on the experimental Zonus label). Phoenix-based alt-rock band The Lonesome Wilderness has joined forces with the Sunnyslope non-profit record label Onus Records. Today they issue a brand-new five-song EP entitled, funnily  enough, The Lonesome WIlderness EP. This is their first official release of any kind and it contains five of their most popular live show staples, including “Cigarettes,” “Knives,” “Hundred Years,” “Tropicana” and “Wasted.”

a2580559646_2While the EP is one of the few items on the Onus roster being offered for sale (with all the profits going directly to the band), the garage-a-licious track “Wasted” is being offered as a free Single of the Weekend download. 

Lonesome Wilderness members include Joe Golfen, Paul Joe Golfen, Andrea Custer, Sir Danny P., Esquire and Baron Brian Weis.


Onus Records starts electronic label Zonus, signs Ryan Breen’s D3PTHS

d3pthsMaking inroads  into music Onus Records CEO Tommy Globbit  doesn’t even understand, Onus Records announces the  formation of a new electronic label called Zonus. This comes one month after Onus announced the formation of an alt-country label called Ca-Ho-Nus Records.

The first signing  to the fledgling electronic Zonus label is the Phoenix based D3PTHS ( formerly known as  Back Ted N-Ted). D3PTHS  is the brain child of Phoenix based producer Ryan Breen,who has been inspired by early 80’s bass music and movie scores. Ryan chops vocals and programs 808s to create a blissed out bass beats to create this arresting musical landscape that uniquely maintains melodicism at its forefront. His previous collaborations include Imogen Heap, Coppe’, Mates of State and Adam Lambert.

D3PTHS have an upcoming Silver Springs EP, which will be released on vinyl with a commemorative book sometime in June and will come out digitally in the May. Onus will also preview a track as a Single of the Weekend  to demonstrate D3PTHS’ commercial viability.

In the meanwhile, you can sample and download for free the single “All I Have Is Music” at .

zonus 2