Serene Dominic Gets Played podcast highlights Speculation

The latest episode of this Onus Playhouse podcast highlights another Serene Dominic album, Speculation, released August 13, 2013. In Part 1, Serene and co-host Steve Asetta run down the first six songs of  the Speculation album, a record Serene used to delight  in telling people is a better album than Rumours, a view  no one drawing breath has ever shared. But it  pretty good, and its conceptual theme placing  music front and center as the subject of every song  has never been attempted, unless there’s a Johnny Mann Singers album we haven’t heard about. Serene and Steve kibitz about record clubs that expanded our record collections and file sharing sites that ultimately ruined the record industry. Find out what mislabeled record club edition of an album was a life changing moment for Serene or Steve and which one was just a major annoyance. And learn what happened the first time Serene sang into a live microphone.

A picture of Serene’s disastrous February 1, 2015 record collection crash where not one album was lost but one juggernaut of an album made its natural selection position on top of the heap. For reals.

Click here to stream the Serene Dominic Gets Played: Speculation Part 1 podcast.

Click here to stream the entire Speculation album

Click here to watch “The Amnesia Record Club” video directed by Running Wild Films

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Catch Serene Dominic’s weekly livecast “The Human Torch Floor Show” every Thursday at 8:00 MST on

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