Serene Dominic Gets Played: Winter Trance Party

Serene Dominic’s 2012 album Winter Trance Party gets an overview in our latest podcast episode on Onus Playhouse- Serene Dominic Gets Played.

Winter Trance Party was a song cycle that originally set out to be the soundtrack to a children’s story Serene wrote about a bunch of kids that communicate with the dead rock stars, specifically those who perished during  of the Winter Dance Party of 1959 when a charter plane crashed in a frozen cornfield and took the lives of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper. While the morose children’s story never got turned into an app as originally intended (the paid app was going to include the album for free),  he did succeed in crafting  a suitably psychedelic chill down album.

As explained in Part 2 of the podcast, the Winter Trance Party cover contains an odd addition, the only color photo of the Winter Dance Party plane crash which you can only view in the inverted CD cover, as shown here:

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Check out the Buddy Holly biography Serene was reading during the making of this album!

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