Serene Dominic issues Dark Lullaby in advance of new musical

dark lullaby

In advance of the spring 2018 Pan Production presentation of the new musical “Dark Lullaby,” Serene Dominic is releasing the album digitally in a 14-song version on September 26, 2018.  The compact disc version will also contains three additional songs slated for the upcoming musical that are not being premiered anywhere else until the Dark Lullaby Cast Album comes out this spring.

Serene’s first musical, “Swimming in the Head” (also a Pan Production)  was originally conceived as an album  called Unnatural Blonde and was then adapted into a musical format. “Dark Lullaby” was always conceived as a musical, so in a sense it almost is his first musical.

In fact, says Dominic, “Originally it was my intention to record a cast album first,  with different actors singing on everything, which would make for a uniquely weird album. But we’re doing it backwards now. I’ve assembled a pit band for the show that will be gigging around Arizona as the San Jacinto Death Row Prison Band right up to the production of the show. And we have a great cast who will actually put their vocals talents down on recordings before the show even goes into rehearsals.” The plan includes the seven-piece San Jacinto Death Row Prison band recording all the track and then playing them live during the production.

Some of the songs have been previewed on the site and at Serene Dominic shows, including the old school soul ballad “You’re Gonna Know All About Me,” the bouncy “Cream Colored Cadillac” and the metallic basher “I Don’t Like You Mister.”

It’s a pretty odd mix of songs for a musical that’s patterned after an old 1940s film nior classic “Detour,” but takes place in the Eighties and has flashbacks in the Seventies.

“So musically it’s all over the map,” admits Dominic, who’s combined his love of everything from spaghetti western themes(the title song), British Invasion (“San Jacinto Death Row Prison Band”), old school country (“Married Couple’) baroque pop (“The Day Our Fancy Died”),  southern rock (“Down to the Ravine”) Motown (“All That Gorgeous Going to Waste”), Bollywood (” I Prefer”) and  headbanger metal (I Don’t Like You Mister), with rap sprinkled throughout. “We stop short of the Nineties,  not because of any crazy plan to keep it contemporary with the story- the songs genres represented here have very little to do with film noir. ” I was just trying to write songs I like, I wasn’t trying to create a Whitman sampler of chocolates. But I think that’s what it sounds like and why I like this album so much.”

When asked for a brief plot overview, Dominic said,  “The story follows a traveling musician’s accidental killing spree across the United States, which is a melting pot despite what our current president things. We’re made up of all kinds of people, I’ll have you know, so when you hear this suite of songs , it’ll feel like you’re traveling  with a rotating caste of players anyway. ”

The release of “Dark Lullaby” jumpstarts a season of brisk activity for Onus Records, the non-profit record label that Dominic co-runs. More upcoming releases this fall will includes new releases from The 1140s, The Breakup Society and Broken Poets, and the awaited third album from No Volcano which will appear in early 2018.



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