Wednesday Progress Report: No Volcano CD Release Show

Thanks everyone for coming to the CD Release party for No Volcano’s Dead Horse Power. We had a lot of fun! In case you weren’t there, the evening started off with Less Pain Forever. James and Chris  showed up like dual Gordon’s fisherman, complete with yellow raincoats and a real life alien that didn’t do very much or meet the minimum drink requirements. They did however premiere a bunch of riveting new songs which may be on an Onus EP in the near future if you badger these men to relinquish some leisure time!

Next came No Volcano, striding onstage to the theme to Mister Ed while playing a set mostly consisting of songs from the new album and some unreleased as of yet standouts such as “Like an Eagle,” “Day in the Sun” and “To the Left.” Their four-month layoff from live work showed the band more raring to go than we have ever seen them. Jim also designed four brand new t-shirts that sold briskly, although the show’s MC and World’s Greatest Merch Booth merchant was heard to crow, “Was I right about the green shirts or wasn’t I ?” to anyone who’d listen.

Capping off the night was the always exciting Scorpion vs Tarantula who filled in gamely for The Father Figures on short notice. They blasted through the set with  selection’s from their new eponymous ten-inch. Yes it’s a ten-inch- don’t be intimidated , kids.

The next big Onus show will be the second anniversary show which is in the planning stages no, tentatively in January. There is some controversy on whether the company which started in January of 2015 is celebrating the 2nd  or 3rd anniversary. Onus Records CEO Tommy Globbit was heard arguing, we’ve only been around two full years. I’m not celebrating the third year until it’s over. Let us know if you agree or disagree with this summation.

Thanks to all the photographers who shot these wonderful photos!


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