Sneak peak into Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers’ new album

Not a lot has been heard from Onus Records’ alt-country and roots rock  imprint as of late. Last year saw the release of  Mill’s End’s EP The Swann Sessions and several tracks by The Extended Play  but that’s about to change now that Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers will shortly be releasing their new album “Eyes on the Prize”  under the auspices of Ca-Ho-Nus and commemorating this latest offering with a CD release show October 8 at Pho Cao.
The first recorded evidence  of the 14-song set is being issued as this week’s “Single of the Weekend” and it’s called “State of Affairs..” It captures the heavier sound the band evinces when they play in clubs that was not as apparent on the band’s first CD.

“It’s an uptempo in-your-face rock song!” says the group’s guitarist Andy Borunda, who is also the song’s co-writer.  “’State of Affairs’is a band favorite to play and interestingly enough, one of the very few songs of ours  based in a blues key.”

For Carol, it’s the first song she’s ever co-written with anybody. “And that anybody is Andy Borunda,” she says. “I wrote part of the song then I asked Andy to play along with it to see where he would naturally take it musically. I then used his direction to finish the song. What it’s about it up to the listener!”

cahonus-1-sleeveDownload for  free and stream “State of  Affairs” by visiting

epicAnd  while you’re there, download a plethora of other great music including Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers’ previous Single of the Weekend, “Epic Love Fail.”


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