How Don “The Phantom” Glasser discovered The Dee Cups



Don “The Phantom” Glasser

Not much is known about Onus Records house producer Don Glasser. Some say he earned the nickname “The Phantom” for his ability to vanish at a moment’s notice, usually whenever it’s time to pay the lunch delivery boy.

Some say it’s because he continually fudges his background so no one knows if he is really a Boston blueblood who went to Harvard or a kid from Brooklyn who shelled blue blood horseshoe crabs at Lenny’s House of Steak and Shells at Coney Island. But everyone agrees on one thing- he’s a guy who’s hiding something. Something probably no one else cares about.

Says Onus Records CEO Tommy Globbit, “A lot of people mistake Don’s aloofness for malevolence. But really, all it masks is his inherent cheapness.The guy’s tighter than a condom from the small man’s shop.  I will admit however, seeing him try to split a dinner check five ways is pretty frightening. Otherwise, the guy’s a declawed pussycat. His leather jacket is made of vinyl and he doesn’t want you to know that he didn’t know that when he bought it.”

dcups.jpgAt one time people compared him to Phil Spector but in a good way. Now even as he tries to distance himself from his idol/convicted murderer, his love of mystery and castanets manifests itself within this dense and murky reworking of  Serene Dominic’s “I Am The Perpetrator, sung by three gals from  Brookline College  studying to be a paralegals. He claims the only reason he approached them at the Surly Wench in Tucson in the first place was to get them to stop with the chattering.

“Really I went up to them because they wouldn’t quit blabbering but the more i listened to them I realized  that they were blabbering in harmony.  Mitzy was way up here,  Bitzy (Verna) was somewhere in the middle and Dee (Aldeena) was way down low, but passionate. That’s when I remembered something I’d heard Tommy Globbit say a million times. “If I could only find a white girl who could sing like a congested black man,  I think we could sell a million.”

After some wrangling over  possible name for the group (Dee was really hot for Dee and the Deetonas for some reason),  they settled on The Dee Cups in honor of their producer and to placate Dee and her rapidly swelling ego.

Says Globbit, “I gotta be careful how I phrase this because of the whole Roger Ales thing, but when  Don said he was bring a couple of Dee Cups into the studio, I was expecting something else.”

Glasser applies his “Shag Rug of Sound” approach to this first-ever Dee Cups  track, throwing overdriven Hammond organ, twelve string guitar, claves, castanets, Fender Rhodes and acoustic guitars into the deep pile foundation hoping some of it will creep up. But it’s Dee who comes out on top, especially with her spoken word passage, which speaks for us all of us with a secret in our hearts:

“I’m so afraid of failure
I hate the shape of my head
I can’t live up to papa
The pressure is immense….”

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