Sha-Pink release new song and video for “United For Pulse”

On Saturday, July 23rd, 2016, from 2 pm to midnight, Stacy’s on Melrose in Phoenix, AZ held a live streaming benefit for “United for Pulse.” As part of that streaming event,  synth-pop duo Sha-Pink premiered a new song and video in solidarity with the victims and the heroes of last month’s tragic massacre at the Orlando niteclub Pulse.

Onus Records is proud to present “We’ve Got Your Back Now (Extended Club Mix)” as its latest Single of the Weekend and  its accompanying video.

shapink pulse copy.jpgSha-Pink preface the video with this statement:

“Of all the horrific images that saturated the media on the night of the Pulse Nightclub attack, the most compelling to us were those of the brave people who returned to the club to help others to safety during an active shooter situation.

It was an in-the-moment affirmation that there are more good people than bad, and that when faced with adversity, the best of humanity will shine through.

That positive action inspired this song. We believe the entire community can carry it forward.”

The single is free to download at and from Sha-Pink’s own website .

If you wish to donate to United For Pulse’s gofundme campaign, please click here.

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