Broken Poets offer something old, something new with “Once Before”


broken poetsOf Broken Poets, Serene Dominic wrote in Phoenix New Times back in 2004:

“Broken Poets is the group fronted by songwriter/singer Tim McDonald, who has won several songwriter competitions that have placed him on a KZON Radio Compilation CD with Our Lady Peace, Third Eye Blind, and Everclear, and sent him to ASCAP’s Pop Songwriters Workshop in NYC. McDonald’s songs connect on several levels — he’s got a nasal delivery that makes him sound like every man, and a prose style that makes him sound like every man finally speaking up about his lot in life. He also works in skillful details like, “I’ll stop in this place where the drains are a hundred years old,” making you know that all the action isn’t taking place inside his skull.”

This track is from their fourth album, Everything in Nature, issued in 2008.

“That’s the last full length we did at Flying Blanket (studio B ). Our good friend Marcus Howard engineered ( who was working for Hoag at the time) and we spent every last penny we had to record on 2” analog, which I think was worth it. (Although now I’m told you can get that same warmth analog setting using Logic.) Rudy Haeusermann mixed. Since then I’ve spent the last 6 years working on the music novel project and the EP that went with it.”

The track is available as a free download on


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