The rarely seen faces of Shark Cage 6

When Tommy Globbit set out to realize his dream of establishing a Hitsville USA here in Sunnyslope, AZ with Onus Records, it was imperative that he find a house band the likes of Motown’s Funk Brothers, which was not easy to do in 1962, let alone 2014. And it was especially challenging to find that kind of talent in Sunnyslope, AZ, most would have you think!

“A lot of people think this neighborhood doesn’t have any soul, but these musicians have plenty of heart and guts so they’re operating in the same general area,” says Globbit who still repeats the story he’s told since the beginning that he found these eager musicians in waiting outside of a Home Depot looking for some work putting up drywall.

“I figured what would be the harm in asking if they played instruments too,” he laughs. “And Lordy, some of ’em did.”

He dubbed them the Shark Cage 6 because of  the tiny house addition with barred up windows out in Globbit’s yard that the musicians are confined in whenevber they are laying down rhythm tracks for the label.  Since enlisting the band, they have played on tracks by Serene Dominic, Adrian Evans, Jono Manson, The Gladhanders, Joobs, Sara Griffin, Zack Philips, The Discretions and Donna Fortunata, to name just a few.

Because Globbit has kept their identities under wraps for fear that another local label might snap them up, rumors that the Shark Cage 6 are illegals has continued to swell.

“They’re  all legal. They just need the work,” is all Globbit will say on the matter, although at one point he did let it slip that the drummer’s name is Raul. Which might not mean anything.


Which one’s Raul? The Shark Cage 6 or a black metal band from Helsinki? You decide!

In order to tamp down the interest, with the release of this week’s “Single of the Weekend” by Shark Cage 6 (“Rumble in West Patagonia”),  Onus Records released a nondescript photo of the Shark Cage 6 on  a stairwell, but some people have already pointed out that the photo is of a black metal from Helsinki called  God Gave Up. Onus quickly back pedaled on issuing the pic and said it was a mislabeled photo of Ark of Gold, a Sunnyslope hard rock outfit that released a previous Single of the Weekend on Onus called “I Don’t Like You, Mister” and  a biography would be forthcoming. Nothing has been heard since.


Could you fit these six talented people and a Roland Fantom 67 into the shark cage? Opinions differ.

A more plausible scenario is that the group is actually a wedding band out of Chandler called Sound Buffet that combines catering and entertainment into one unbeatable event hosting package. Before starting the business, the  band’s website listed Sound Buffet as having done studio work with some of the aforementioned Onus artists but since starting their new company, the band’s website has been scrubbed clean of any mention of them or  Maricopa County for that matter.

We reached out to Dale Lowery, the founder of Sound Buffet and got a terse e-mail back that said, “No and if you print that you will hear for my lawyers. We’re doing great business in our first year and you’re gonna ruin it trying to link us with some run-down podunk Sunnyslope label.”

More on this story as it devolves…

Shark Cage 6  Discography


“Here”  by Shark Cage 6,  released April 2016  as ONUS 1615

“Rumble in West Patagonia” by Shark Cage 6, released June 2016 as Onus 1619


Shark Cage 6  For Others – A Selected Discography

“I’m Heart Wired” by The Discretions released April 2016 as Onus 1614

“Theme From The Rectifiers” by Serene Dominic & Joobs released January 2016 as Onus 1602

“It Is What It Is” by Sara Griffin, released November 2015

“There’s No Us Without U” by Jono Manson, released May 2015

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