Greenhaven releases its masterwork The Great Sonoran before vanishing to points unknown

 The Great Sonoran: he end of the line and brand new fare!

The Great Sonoran: The end of the line and brand new fare!

Why would a band toil for three years perfecting its masterwork only to let it stand as the group’s last will and testament? Although any member of the Phoenix based band Greenhaven would probably punch you severely for even including them in the same sentence as the great masters, but for lack of a better universal it’s a head-scratcher along the lines of Michelangelo deciding he was done with painting after the Sistine Chapel and decided he wanted to be a discuss thrower from now on. Or Tesla saying “to hell with people stealing my patents, I only got into inventing for the women!” 
Greenhaven came to the attention of most people with their last full-length release “The Last Powerful Second.” After a flurry of critical praise (“I am entirely unsure why these cats aren’t giants already.” – Classic Rock Magazine, “I’m on my fourth listen today.” – Martin Popoff, BWBK, “Greenhaven don’t fuck around. KKKK”- Kerrang! ) the boys set to work in their weirdo-gone-hero tradition. 
In addition to a cavalcade of epic Arizona performances, the boys sharpened their swordplay during barnstorming tours of the Western US (“Hello Hempfest!”) and Western Europe (“Wie Gehts ShoDfest!?”). In 2011, the limited edition EP “In Memory of Bull Angus,” delivered a collection of remixes and unreleased tracks from promotional productions by entities such as Classic Rock Magazine, FOX Sports, and the Sportsman Channel’s action packed tactical shooting show 3-Gun Nation, which is in its sixth season with “Waterloo” as its theme. “The Great Sonoran” is Greenhaven’s fourth and final release. 
greenhaven tray
The reasons for Greenhaven packing it in range from the uninteresting to the ridiculous, most of the weirder accounts originating from within the Greenhaven inner circle.
Bassist Uncle Dave’s sudden exodus from Phoenix gave weight to a rumor that he turned federal informant on a local illegal Russian fur trafficking ring and is now assuming a new identity as a forester somewhere in the Great Northwest. And even though this story has been refuted, it has incensed Greenhaven lead singer Matt Strangwayes who was secretly studying to be a forester and now feels his idea was stolen. Combine that with drummer Bill Schumann’s plans to build several one hole golf courses across the state and Jay Hofer’s ambition to be a lifelong student have resulted in a great band with a lot on its plate besides music.
Others wonder what the album’s cryptic final message delivered by EVGB, the band’s Hopi/Pima pal was all about. Nobody, from the band to EVGB to longtime business advisor Dave “Stimey” Steinman, is talking. In Hopi or otherwise.
What is indisputable is how larger than life the characters in these songs are, from the titular hero bidding you “vayo con dios,” the gung-ho foot soldier of “1944!,” the tireless husky dog sledder of “Gateway to the Yukon,” the dude who may have an X-ray you’d like to see in “”Throckmorton Express,” the compulsive risk taker in “Broke, Battered and Better Than Ever” and the “In Memory of Bull Angus” protagonist who’s part wounded warrior, part George Jefferson.” You’ll stand toe to toe with all these hardened heroes and you’ll be all the better for it!
The album, a joint release from the band’s own Humble Records and Onus Records, is available on ITunes now.

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