The Onus CD of the Month Club launching on July 4!

onus cd club

That’s right, if you are old enough to remember the Columbia, BMG and Capitol Record Clubs of yesteryear, you will thrill to the fact that Onus Records want to bring back all the good parts of that experience (getting a lot of CDs for dirt cheap, hearing new music, waiting by the mailbox) while eliminating the bad parts of that experience (mailing in cards, getting things in the mail you didn’t order, someone sending a US Marshall to your house to collect that $36.89 you owe for that triple-set Right Said Fred In Concert album boxed set you didn’t order.

“I used to love joining these clubs and getting a bunch of albums all at once,” says Tommy Globbit, CEO of Onus Records who admitted he did on occasion abuse his club memberships and in one case of stoned reverie, ordered ten copies of Pearl Jam’s “Ten” by mistake.

Download the Onus CD of the Month Club circular by clicking here!

Artists who have donated their music range from Onus’ own No Volcano, Serene Dominic and The Lonesome Wilderness, D3PTHS and the Bittersweet Way to Scorpion vs Tarantula, Field Tripp, Dogbreth, Bob Woodruff (ironically the only title here that was actually featured in a Columbia Record Club in 1995), Brian Chartrand, Drunk N Horny, The Breakup Society, Soft Deadlines, Carol Pacey and the Honeyshakers and many others yet to be added. Local Phoenix labels like Related Records, Sunset Alliance, 56th Street Records and AZPX Records have joined in to make some of their titles available for people who want to give them a try.

Here’s how it works:

1. You select one CD from this circular (download enclosed PDF) that you want to pay $10 list price for.

2. You name that CD your selection of the month in 25 words or less and that artist or band will get the ten dollars.

3. We give you 4 more CDs of your choice for free , but note that each CD carries a $2 shipping cost. So you;re really still getting 5 CDs for $20.Without the US Marshall coming to your door

4. You paste the questions in the circular and your responses in an email and send it to

5. You make a one-time payment of $20 to

6. Then wait by the mailbox for up to 3 weeks and 5 compact discs in clackety jewel cases will arrive at your front door. Thrill to the convenience and pristine sound this platinum discs will provide you!

“We hope that this in a small way will expose people to new music while simultaneously help save the compact disc from hipster extinction and give the postal service something else to do,” says Globbit.

“There’s a choice we’re making,” the head of a non-profit record label imparts. “We’re saving our own lives. For reals!”

Download the Onus CD of the Month Club circular by clicking here!

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