Onus’ Valentines Day Pop-Up Store Coming This Weekend!!

Online event likened to a “digital Record Store Day”

POPUPInspired by the number of Valentines Day Pop Up stores turning up in Sunnyslope ready to sell cheap roses and heart shaped helium balloons to any last-minute lovers, Onus Records CEO and President Tommy Globbit announced that Onus will have its own Valentines Day Pop Up Store, offering over a dozen unique free downloads that will be available only on Valentines Day for all the single ladies and gentlemen with little else to look forward to.

“We’re redecorating our whole page, so when you log on to onusrecords.bandcamp.com, you’re going to see lots of gaudy hearts but also a surprising number of tracks, many by artists not normally associated with Onus Records, people violating their exclusivity agreements with other labels just so they can take part in this event,” says Globbit. “There’ll be some Heritage Hump singles that will be available at no other time,  two more Beat Angels tracks, both unissued, an advance cut from Father’s Days upcoming album, not out till May, more Heritage Hump titles by Trunk Federation, Sugar High and Serene Dominic, plus the first sneak peak at Onus’ upcoming alt-country label, Ca-Ho-Nus and Zonus, our avant garde label.”

keyhole“Some will be previews of things Onus will eventually roll out. And of course every Single of the Weekend we’ve introduced will be mixed in with a lot of what I like to call our ‘temporary inventory.'”

Globbit likens this event to a kind of digital Record Store Day, designed to make people remember how cool free downloads are.

“Ten years ago you couldn’t stop kids from downloading free music,” he sighs. “Now  everyone wants to stream. We’re doing this to remind people how cool it is to have collectors mp3s on your computers and cellphones. Well, some people will say mp3s were never cool. Well they said the same thing about cassettes and 8-tracks and they all had their heyday. Not it’s digital downloads’ turn to get the nostalgic hipster treatment.”

Full inventory listing of unique FREE Valentines Day Pop Up Store titles:

No Volcano – Keyhole
Beat Angels –  Merry-Go-Round
Beat Angels – 24 Hour Porn Star
Father’s Day– I Like Your Mom
Drunk N Horny – Let’s Get Naked
Eric VanAusdal– Square Pegs
Serene Dominic – Marcella
Serene Dominic & the Semi-Detached– Act Like You’re My Baby
The Human Torch – Closure/Dirty Power Part 2
The Extended Play – The Measure
The Jones Affair – TBA
The Bittersweet Way – TBA
Sugar High – It’s All Right The Way You Live
Trunk Federation – History of Dead Ends
Trunk Federation –  TBA
My Name is Ryan – Tight Wad
P@rn – Tight Wad
Brooklyn Beard – Independent Thought
Friends of Antartica – Let’s See Other People
Cole Summers – Scranton
Maricopa Beef Exporters – What Are You In For?



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