“Song of the Weekend” Launched!

PreviewWho said there’s no such thing as a free launch? We here at Onus Records are so excited about the Song of the Weekend that we jumped the gun and launched it at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve instead of the customary Thursday night.  The song is called “Tightening Your Grip on Me” by Wes and the Westdales and it is of course downloadable for free at your leisure from our Onus Records Bandcamp site.

It’s still too early to tell how well it’s doing except that a lot more people are streaming it than downloading. I know you people don’t think music is something that can be owned but really, get it on your Mac or PC and you’ll have it for all time unless we lose the electricity war and have to return to Edison cylinders.

Beats  per minute: 168 Playing Time: 3:20  Features cowbell Contains one outstanding dumb line Avoids  the 3 cringe words

Beats per minute: 168
Playing Time: 3:20
Features cowbell
Contains one outstanding dumb line
Avoids the three cringe words

We thought it would be a good tie to examine just how well Wes and the 

Westdales adhered to the Onus Hit Making Formula we’ve posted earlier on this blogsite.

We spotted one violation of Tenet Number 1, that songs should be in a major key with an average of 135 beats per minute. While it is in a major key, it’s paced at a heart-fatiguing 168 beats  per minute!

It does follow the present tense rule, clocks in ten seconds under 3:30, has a cowbell that insures the south will like it and has at least one dumb line “Tighter than Titanium man’s tights.” and it avoids any use of the cringe words  “society,” “fantasy” and “badonkadonk.”

So out of 12 tenets, Wes and the Westdales followed 5 and a half. Coming up this week, the launch of the “Heritage Hump” series in which we feature a vintage Phoenix band and make a collectors’ item that will be available for only seven days.


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